Brentwood Mansion - Preselling Condominium

Premium project of City Land in Santolan Pasig Metro Manila

Brentwood Mansion

Project Type : Condominium
Listing Type : Preselling
Units : 1 BR, 2 BR, 3 BR,
Price: 1,200,000 & Up
Address : 21 Evangelista St., Santolan,
Location : Pasig , Metro Manila PH Brentwood Mansion City Land Brentwood Mansion Brentwood Mansion City Land Brentwood Mansion Pasig

City Land Brentwood Mansion Brentwood Mansion City Land Brentwood Mansion Pasig

The Brentwood Mansion is a premier dwelling space developed by prominent developers Cityland, known for up righting multiple gorgeous and attractive projects. It is located along the 21 Evangelista Street within the suburbs of Pasig City and close to hustle bustle of commercial hubs. It is a medium rise neatly designed residential condominium close to the city but yet away from noise, disturbance opening an aura of serenity. It is a low-density project with the building consisting of the 12-storey enclave. It not only includes residential units but has space for commercial or retail units which are a massive added advantage to the occupants. The gorgeously landscaped open space surrounding the building is convincingly beautiful and appears majestic. The units are comfortably spacious with 1-BR, 2-BR and 3-BR units. The location is very precise and is a great one for young professionals with a number of business opportunities and offices close by. It is the perfect place to relax and vent out your work stress. The 1 BR unit measures 24 square meters, 2 BR unit measures 31 square meters and 3-BR units measuring 50 square. The amenities are drool worthy including swimming pool, view deck, playground for children and large function room. The developer has ensured that the building contains all important features like elevator service, smoke detector, mailbox for individual units, fire alarm system, emergency back-up, provision for cable TV and phone, elevated water tank, sewage treatment plant and refuse chute. Space is well protected with 24-hour and CCTV in common areas.

Brentwood Mansion - Brentwood Mansion
Brentwood Mansion
Brentwood Mansion - One Bedroom Unit
One Bedroom Unit
Brentwood Mansion - Floor Plan
Floor Plan
Brentwood Mansion - Three Bedroom Unit
Three Bedroom Unit
Brentwood Mansion - Location & Vicinity
Location & Vicinity
Brentwood Mansion - Two Bedroom Unit
Two Bedroom Unit

Brentwood Mansion City Land Condo and House & Lot Price List

Unit Name Project Name Developer Price (₱) Location
Brentwood Mansion City Land 1,100,000 Pasig, Metro Manila
Brentwood Mansion City Land 1,500,000 Pasig, Metro Manila
Brentwood Mansion City Land 2,000,000 Pasig, Metro Manila