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Sell Your Property In Fastest Way

The Fastest Way to Sell Your Property

Are you planning to sell your house because you’re going abroad, or moving to another city? Do you want it done quickly? If you answered affirmatively to these questions, this post is for you. There are ways to sell your property the fastest way possible. You can use the ‘blitzkrieg’ campaign, and you will definitely sell your property quickly.

What’s a ‘blitzkrieg’ campaign?

‘Blitzkrieg’ is a German word that means “lightning war” or “rapid arrack”. Since the word is used in sales, blitzkrieg campaign’ means that the property will be advertised on all fronts: online, newspapers, radio, TV, flyers, magazines, leaflets, and all other venues possible. You can attract prospective buyers – only - if they come to know about it. If the advertisement of your property is extensive, you would certainly find a buyer the shortest time possible.

The only disadvantage of this method is that it’s quite expensive. It’s a reasonable price to pay for the excellent benefit you will accomplish – the successful sale of your property.

How can you do a ‘blitzkrieg campaign?
You can do this by implementing the following easy steps.

Step #1 – Make a list of all possible venues for advertising
Start from the local newspaper, the local radio station, the magazines, tabloids, the TV stations, and the groups in your community. Don’t omit those small tabloids because they can lead local buyers to your doorstep. Here’s a list of venues you can utilize:

  • local newspaper
  • local radio station
  • magazines
  • tabloids
  • TV stations
  • groups in your community (writer’s group, church group, offline social groups)
  • Facebook ads
  • Google ads
  • Yahoo ads
  • Other written materials

Visit the local newspaper and pay for a whole page or half page ad that even a short-sighted person can read. An announcement on the local radio station is an excellent way of advertising your real estate property too. You can include in your ads, a brief and concise description of your property. Remember to include your contact numbers (phone number).

Furthermore, you can purchase ads with Facebook, Yahoo and Google to feature your property. These social media networks are teeming with potential buyers, and out there is one of your buyers.

Step #2 – Do your own campaign

Prepare your own posters and leaflets. Go to the streets and distribute them to passers-by. Inform the local organizations in your community that you’re selling your property. Leave leaflets in the local bulletin board for them to bring home and pass on to their friends and family. Make yourself available at all times, so you can answer questions from your prospective buyers at their most convenient time.

Step #3 – Enlist your property with trusted brokers
Yes, you still have to enlist your property with real estate companies, in case they have interested buyers. But inform them that your property is not exclusive for them. You should have 100% authority over the sale of your property.

Obviously, the traditional method of using brokers to sell your property is included in this list. The difference is that you won’t enlist your property with only one broker. Instead, you will be using all available brokers. This is the safest way possible to avoid over-pricing.

Step #4 – Use the Internet
Aside from Facebook, Google and Yahoo, you should use your email list to advertise your property. The email is fast and convenient. You can write a brief introductory message, attached the details of your property and then press send. The recipient will receive it after a few seconds.

There are also list sites where you can list your property and wait for it to be sold. This is ideal because your advertisement will reach all corners of the world, as long as the person has an Internet.

These are the websites that accept listings of properties for sale:


Add your property listing to these websites and wait for a buyer. Most of these sites offer free services. You won’t spend a dime getting your property in their list. It’s a cheap and reliable way to sell your property online.

Step #5 – Monitor all these advertising venues
You have to monitor all your venues, whether they’re attracting prospective buyers or not. If there are still no calls or emails about the property within a week, go on a personal campaign once more.

Stretch those legs and arms and distribute your posters personally. Of course, going online and doing the same is easier. In this case, you’re exercising your fingers to do the task.

Step #6 – Offer a freebie or a gift
An additional ‘come on’ can be a gift or a giveaway. You can include a freebie or a gift to attract more buyers. You may want to include the details of the gift within the advertising graphics.

Examples of these giveaways are: a grandfather’s clock, a custom-made tea table, a unique flower vase, a swing, or a wind chime. Whatever it is, it should be useful to the homeowner.

After you have implemented these steps and the strategies above-mentioned, you would certainly be able to sell your house quickly. Again, you have to set aside a budget for your blitzkrieg advertising because the expenses won’t be peanuts.

The idea of a blitzkrieg campaign is to ‘attack’ on all fronts (advertise on all fronts) to ensure success. In relation to this, you have to use updated and relevant methods in selling your property. You can sell your property to the whole world with just a click of your mouse. See to it that the prices reflected in all of the advertisements are more or less the same.

However, beware of scam artists, fake sites, and well-devised hoaxes. The Internet is not free from these predators. So, watch out for them. Be innovative and don’t be afraid to implement the various strategies presented here because these are the fastest techniques in selling your property.

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