Austin Homes Claremont - Preselling House & Lot

Premium project of Filinvest in Sta. Maria Mabalacat Pampanga

Austin Homes Claremont

Project Type : House & Lot
Listing Type : Preselling
Developer Name : Filinvest
Units : Townhouse
Price: 1,200,000 & Up
Address : Brgy. Sta. Maria, Mabalacat, Pampanga
Location : Mabalacat , Pampanga PH Austin Homes Claremont Filinvest Austin Homes Claremont Austin Homes Claremont Filinvest Austin Homes Claremont Mabalacat

Filinvest Austin Homes Claremont Austin Homes Claremont Filinvest Austin Homes Claremont Mabalacat

Hot   Studio   39 sqm   yes
Brgy. Sta. Maria, Mabalacat, Pampanga , Mabalacat , Pampanga PH 6 Units Townhouse Filinvest 6 Units Townhouse 6 Units Townhouse Filinvest Mabalacat


Be amazed of the Claremont Township’s magnificence! Here, Austin Homes will treat you to massive enjoyment and ultimate relaxation of a mountain scape style of living. Claremont is a vibrant and verdant residential community project by Filinvest Land that lies near the slope of the beautiful Mt. Arayat to the east, giving the site the finest cool breeze and terrific fresh air.

The Claremont is a modern township catering mostly to upgrading homes and lifestyle for hardworking Kapampangan families. This venture is a partnership between Filinvest Land, Inc. and Metro Clark Realty, the site is located in Brgy. Sta. Maria, Mabalacat City, Pampanga. The Austin Homes is located inside this wonderful township and one of its prides and glories. Waking up every day in this awesome reprieve is truly holistic and noble. The amenities and facilities therein are divine and all are truly functional.

The Austin Homes housing development brings you closer to nature as well as to everything life has to offer. The site sits near schools, workplaces, place of worship, shopping complexes, giant malls and retail shops, hospitals and other life’s basic necessities. Angeles City is just 11 kilometers away from the site and the Clark International Airport is just 6.4km away from Mabalacat City proper.


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