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        Rockwell Primaries

        Rockwell Land Corporation, founded by the Lopez Group, is a real estate development company that aspires in creating environments that explicitly elevate the standard for living spaces, perpetually building outstanding dwelling places, work places and leisure havens. Peculiar in Rockwell’s brand is its world-class quality and groundbreaking elements that constantly set the benchmark in the industry.

        Behind Rockwell’s success and continuous growth is a remarkably skilled team of professionals, led by Nestor J Padilla, CEO of Rockwell Land, assure to thrive further in delivering value in every step of the way. The team ensures that Rockwell remains compelling in bringing quality, exclusivity, opulence and elegance along with its name.

        After nearly two decades of creating world-class communities, premium property developer Rockwell Land Corporation ventures out to bring its distinctive exceptional lifestyle to Filipinos with its newest property development subsidiary, Rockwell Primaries.


        Rockwell Primaries extends its dedication to delivering exceptional and quality living to those who look towards the future.

        Through a careful understanding of consumers’ needs, Malou L. Pineda, Senior Vice President of Rockwell Primaries, together with the Rockwell Primaries’ team, form to extend market reach by tapping a more comprehensive segment with the same expertise as Rockwell Land.

        With the mission of aiming to be the preferred developer of affordable premium quality and well planned living spaces of the broader market, Rockwell Primaries provides you with the foundations for a flourishing family life. There is a long standing commitment to delivering homes which bears tasteful aesthetics and design, has a high regard for your family's convenience, security, exclusivity, and your need for space by providing well thought out residential units and amenities.

        Rockwell Primaries Condo and House & Lot Price List

        Property Name Price (₱) Location
        53 Benitez 5,600,000 Quezon City, Metro Manila
        East Bay Residences 3,124,000 Muntinlupa, Metro Manila
        The Vantage 4,600,000 Pasig, Metro Manila
        The Arton 5,170,300 Quezon City, Metro Manila
        Amorsolo Square Makati 9,500,000 Makati, Metro Manila
        Hidalgo Place 10,500,000 Makati, Metro Manila

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