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          Pasig is everything you wanted to go to whether you are from the South or the North of the metro. It is more than what a river is. Pasig is an old Sanskrit word that  implies that it is “a river flowing from one body to another.” This must be referring to the Pasig River, which is actually flowing from Laguna de Bay to Manila Bay.   This city has several cities surrounding it:  along the west is Quezon City and to the east by the cities of Antipolo, Cainta and Taytay. From the direction of the  north, it is bordered by Marikina and to the south by the cities of Makati, Taguig  and  Pateros. 

          This city has come a long away from being a rural area that’s mostly residential that it is a city much booming, modern and complete as it is now. No wonder, Pasig has been the location for many good residential properties, business centers, malls, multinational and local companies, restaurants, plants and factories, to name a few. 

          Another interesting distinction of Pasig City is that about 5 years ago, it has been declared as one of the “selfiest cities” in the world (on equal par with Makati City). Smile and take a bow, Pasiguenos for this very unique feat.  Pasig City also has taken the distinction of for having the world record of the most number of enrollees in a school - with the school having a total of 20,000 students.  This school is none other than the Rizal High School in Barangay Caniogan. Do you know that this  school was listed in fact as the biggest secondary school in the world running close to 12 years, 1993-2005?  This is Pasig’s own major accomplishment that the locals may not have known until now.  We know how Pasiguenos value their future to have the parents send their children to a good school in the city. 

          This city is ideal for those seeking a good place for home, work or business.  There are a number of reasons why this city is  perfect  not only for residential but also for your business. It is even recognized now for their city’s good restaurants like the much-raved cluster along Barrio Kapitolyo. You will find the modern weekend markets and parks along the Greenfield District. You can find local food and unique, well made crafts here. Any true-blue blooded Pasigueno will also tell you a lot of wonderful things why they’ve stayed long on this beautiful city. Let us tell you some of these reasons.

          Top Business Potentials

          If you’re looking for a city that has great business potentials and opportunities, then look no far. This city has grown by leaps and bounds. It is considered one of the most (if not the most) industrialized cities in the metro. Malls are outpouring here, too. If you want to either engage In retail like have your own stalls or put up your own small factory or plant here – you’re in the ideal location.  The local government unit is a short distance away in case you need to take care of business permits and other regulatory documents. It is easy and smooth to transact business here so there would be no problems later on.  What more can you ask for? The list of successful businesses here in Pasig is a testament to how profitable it can be for you to have your own business endeavors here.  Pasig is a forward-looking  city with immense potentials and you’d be glad that someday you have been a part of it. Exciting times, indeed. 

          A Health-Conscious City 

          There’s a really noteworthy activity that gives the families a chance for a wholesome and enjoyable  bonding in Barangay San Antonio. Pasig City residents are encouraged to be car-free on Sundays to pave for a cleaner, healthier and greener environment, too. They are pushed to walk, run, bike, skate and just chill along the street somewhere Emerald Avenue. Isn’t that an amazing way to spend Sundays? Perhaps, other cities can follow suit in in this great family togetherness activity. It’s time the local government officials think of this for their constituents.  

          Convenience: Rise of Malls Within the City

          Do you realize that since this city has a number of malls, most of the people here can be seen strolling in one of such malls anytime of the day? Imagine having SM Megamall, The Podium, Shangril-La Plaza, EDSA Mall, Ayala Malls The 30th. There are also the newest, trendiest shopping havens such as Tiendesitas and the Estancia Mall. Estancia Mall is a high-end shopping center located at Capitol Commons, the latest mixed-use development in this city. It is the place where there used to be the old Rizal Provincial capitol estate – it has been redeveloped into this new bustling mall situated in the Oranbo Village, next to the Ortigas Center. The same developer of Ortigas Center, Ortigas and Company Limited Partnership is developing this site of 10 hectares estimated to be at P25-billion.  There will also be a Capitol Commons Park where there would also be open spaces within the property and this would take almost half of it. 

          Admit it. Maybe on weekends or payday Friday nights, you want a little bit of splurging. You will surely be seen in any of the malls around. Or if you just want to pass by time due to traffic or just people watch– the malls are perfect destinations for you and your group of friends or families.  After all, you deserve it after a grueling week of work and other activities.

          Good Employment Opportunities

          With such reputable companies as MERALCO, San Miguel Corporation, Jollibee Foods Corporation, Asian Development Bank, Universal Robina Corporation, Banco de Oro, and JG Summit Holdings Corporation that currently hold their head offices in Pasig – everyone’s got a fair chance of a good employer in this city, not to mention the BPO companies such as Teleperformance, SITEL and One Contact Center. Their sites  are located in Pasig City, too. Millennials who are on the lookout for work in these BPO  companies will surely have no difficulties  in looking for their own dream jobs right in this city. Explore some of the best job opportunities while on your way to having a blooming professional career ahead of the rest with a competitive pay and a good number of skill learning opportunities.  

          Reputable Educational Institutions 

          A good point to consider here are the schools that are scattered within the city that parents will not think twice on choosing for their children. One is the popular university, The University of the Asia and Pacific at Pearl Drive, Ortigas Center. Other reputable schools and universities are: Saint Pedro Poveda College, Colegio del Buen Consejo, Rizal Technological University, Arellano University, STI College, Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Pasig and Pasig Science High School. 

          Big Hotel and Tourism Industry 

          The hotel and tourism industry is also a growing business in this part of the metro.  Here, you can find all sorts of accommodations that you want, be it a 5-star r hotel or not – you will have  a lot of options.  Among the top choices  are Crowne Plaza Manila Galleria, EDSA Shangrila and Marco Polo Hotel Ortigas. If you want topnotch accommodations, you can inquire from any of these 3 hotels. Other hotels worth a visit are Richmonde Hotel in Ortigas, The Linden Suites, Holiday Inn Manila Galleria, Oakwood Premier Serviced Apartments, Astoria Plaza and  Mercure Manila Ortigas. For those who can bring basic accommodations at a lesser cost, you may want to check on Go Hotels Ortigas and Red Planet Manila Ortigas.  If you have to go to Pasig for an activity and you need a place to stay - it is always a good idea to check-in any of these hotels and sees the difference.  Aside from the hotel’s amenities - you’d be surrounded with places of shopping, leisure and recreation all around the community; all are within a short distance away.  

          Know what? There’s one perfect leisure place that you can visit here in  the city. Do you know the RAVE? It is an acronym known to many locals, which means the “Rainforest Adventure Experience Park.”  It is located in this city with a   number of wonderful attractions like a mini-zoo, a butterfly sanctuary and an obstacle course. If you want to go swimming, there is also a swimming pool for everyone. Or if you’re itching to go on workouts or exercises, there’s a fitness center, too.  For the really adventurous – there’s a zipline for your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to let it all out and enjoy immensely this amazing activity. But of course, this is not for the faint-hearted at all. 

          Ortigas Center – Pasig’s Progressive Business District 

          Once you speak of Pasig City – you will immediately associate the city with Ortigas Center. Why not?  Ortigas Center is a central business district that is interspersed with 3 different cities, namely Pasig, Mandaluyong and Quezon City. Surrounding it are the following: EDSA to the west, Meralco Avenue to the east, Shaw Boulevard to the south and of course, Ortigas Avenue to the north. 

          After Makati, Ortigas is the top second business district in Metro Manila. The area, which is about 100 hectares in size, is dotted with a number of shopping malls, bars and restaurants. More importantly, it is home to a number of local and multinational companies like Asian Development Bank, San Miguel Corporation, Jollibee Foods Corporation and HSBC. Other prominent companies, all engineering firms like like WSP Group, Parsons Brinckerhoff and Sinclair Knight Merz are all located in Ortigas Center as well.  Now, who wants to have an office right here?  It is the best place for work and anybody is welcome to start his or her careers here. 

          Abounding Travel Options 

          You have heard of traveling by car, by public transport such as a bus and jeep, MRT or LRT train – but here in Pasig City, you have the option to a good alternative mode to avoid the clogged streets of Metro Manila and beat traffic woes. There’s the Pasig River Ferry that you can use to be able to reach your destinations fast, easy and convenient.  In fact, it is the only water-based transport system in Metro Manila. The cruise starts from the Pinagbuhatan area in Pasig up to Intramuros in the city of Manila. This transport system is owned and operated by a private company and has been operating for almost 12 years. It has 12 stations and has an average of 2,000 riders a day.  Pretty cool, isn’t it? 

          Ever thought of what a “patok” jeepney is?  These unique jeepneys are very colorful and have vibrant, attractive designs.  Because of this feature, even if you’re a long distance away --- you can see and hear them. Want a thrill ride? Hop on one of those patok jeepneys on your way to your school, business or office. It would be a guaranteed fun experience!

          Rich Cultural History 

          Pasig is rich in cultural history. The very fist Marian church in this country is located in Pasig City and this is none other than the Immaculate Conception Cathedral. This historical edifice is made of stone, so strong a material that’s why it still stands as it is today.  It was built from the years 1722 to 1760.  Hearing mass here certainly will provide one the solemn and old, rich culture vibe. Another establishment worth looking into is the Pasig City Museum where you can get a glimpse of how this city came about. Did you know that Pasig had quite an influence to our national history? One of the most vital Katipunan assemblies, Asamblea Magna, actually took place right in this city known as Pasig. 

          Unique  Features and Facts

          Bitukang Manok (literally translated as Chicken Intestines)  is a type of street food that everyone loves.  But for this city of Pasig – it means something. It is a creek that has the shape of chicken intestines, thus, its name.  It has played an important role during the time of Revolution many decades ago.  It is now developed as a promenade (the two sides) where people can walk, stroll and people watch. It is approximately 3.6 kms. In its length. Only in Pasig – this Bitukang Manok Promenade – come and see for yourself. Or better walk along the other locals and enjoy the sceneries. 

          Pasig is a ‘walking city.’  Always be ready with your sneakers or rubber shows to explore and walk along the new sights that this city has to offer. More beautiful developments are coming up! 

          If you’re an original Pasigueno, you are very familiar with  the “original pancit with chicharon,” A certified Pasig delicacy from Ado’s Panciteria. This homegrown restaurant has been in existence for  about 67 years- can you believe that?  It is legendary – that’s why mostly locals in Pasig and those from neighboring cities wouldn’t think twice eating this famous pancit the city has been known for. 

          So, Pasig is a city worth looking at – for your residence, business, school or employment. It has grown by leaps and bounds, there’s no reason why this growth wouldn’t continue in the many years to come.  Moving forward  - that’s Pasig City. 

          Areas in Pasig