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        Taguig is a highly urbanized city located in south-eastern portion of Metro Manila in the Philippines. From a thriving fishing community along the shores of Laguna de Bay, it is now an important residential, commercial and industrial center. According to the 2015 census, Taguig is the 7th most populous city in the Philippines after Zamboanga City, it has a population of 804,915.

        Looking for a condo for sale or house and lot for sale in BGC, Fort or McKinley Hill in Taguig City? We've got plenty of places to call home. Find property for sale including houses for sale, condominiums for sale, townhomes for sale as well as house and lot for sale. Learn about the house buying process. Work out what you can afford before you start looking at real estate properties in Taguig City.

        Research Pre Selling , Ready For Occupancy (RFO) or Rent To Own Properties. Buy House and Lot for sale, Condominiums for sale, Townhomes for sale and other homes for sale that would meet your budget and needs. With several  active real estate project listings in and near McKinley Hill, Ususan,Fort Bonifacio Global City (BGC) Taguig, it's easy to find a Taguig condo for sale.

        The local government of Taguig currently administers Bonifacio Global City, which is considered as one of Metro Manila's central business districts alongside Makati CBD and Ortigas Center. Other future developments in the city include Arca South (formerly known as Food Terminal Incorporated) Ayala Land's 70-hectare business and lifestyle district, and Laguna de Bay Lakeshore Development along the Bulacan–Rizal–Manila–Cavite Regional Expressway (C-6 Road).

        Taguig City lies on the western shore of Laguna de Bay and is bordered by Muntinlupa City to the south, Parañaque to the southwest, Pasay to the west, Cainta and Taytay on the northeast and Makati, Pateros, and Pasig to the north. Taguig River, a tributary of the Pasig River cuts through the northern half of the municipality and Napindan River, also a tributary of the Pasig forms the common border of Taguig with Pasig City.

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        Taguig Metro Manila Condo and House & Lot Price List

        Property Name Price (₱) Location
        Ivory Tower 3,600,000 Taguig, Metro Manila
        Cypress Towers 2,600,000 Taguig, Metro Manila
        Royal Palm Residences 4,500,000 Taguig, Metro Manila
        Mahogany Place III 12,041,000 Taguig, Metro Manila
        Grace Residences 2,895,000 Taguig, Metro Manila
        The Birchwood 4,007,000 Taguig, Metro Manila
        Uptown Parksuites 5,940,000 Taguig, Metro Manila
        The Venice Luxury Residences 9,588,000 Taguig, Metro Manila
        The Trion Towers 9,070,957 Taguig, Metro Manila
        Verawood Residences 4,000,000 Taguig, Metro Manila
        The Florence 7,272,720 Taguig, Metro Manila
        Rosewood Pointe 2,988,000 Taguig, Metro Manila
        Cedar Crest 3,900,000 Taguig, Metro Manila
        One Union Place 2,500,000 Taguig, Metro Manila
        The Montane 5,200,000 Taguig, Metro Manila
        The Fort Residences 8,596,000 Taguig, Metro Manila
        McKinley Park Residences 4,891,000 Taguig, Metro Manila
        Fifth Avenue Place 4,000,000 Taguig, Metro Manila
        Avida Towers Verte 4,100,000 Taguig, Metro Manila
        One Park Drive 10,000,000 Taguig, Metro Manila

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