Radiance Manila Bay - Preselling Condominium

Premium project of Robinsons Land in Roxas Boulevard Pasay Metro Manila

Radiance Manila Bay

Project Type : Condominium
Listing Type : Preselling
Developer Name : Robinsons Land
Units : Studio, 1 BR, 2 BR
Price: 5,600,000 & Up
Address : Roxas Boulevard, Pasay City
Location : Pasay , Metro Manila PH Radiance Manila Bay Robinsons Land Radiance Manila Bay Radiance Manila Bay Robinsons Land Radiance Manila Bay Pasay


Robinsons Land Radiance Manila Bay Radiance Manila Bay Robinsons Land Radiance Manila Bay Pasay

Hot   1   39 sqm   yes
Roxas Boulevard, Pasay City , Pasay , Metro Manila PH 1 Bedroom Robinsons Land 1 Bedroom 1 Bedroom Robinsons Land Pasay
Hot   Studio   24 sqm   yes
Roxas Boulevard, Pasay City , Pasay , Metro Manila PH Studio Unit Robinsons Land Studio Unit Studio Unit Robinsons Land Pasay
Hot   2   80 sqm   yes
Roxas Boulevard, Pasay City , Pasay , Metro Manila PH 2 Bedroom Robinsons Land 2 Bedroom 2 Bedroom Robinsons Land Pasay

The Radiance Manila Bay is one of the beautiful residential condo created by the world renowned Robinson's Land. It is the perfect location for people that are looking for a retreat to a beautiful and relaxing lifestyle right in the beautiful area of the Manila. The beautiful Condo was made to have a contemporary and modern design; the Radiance Manila Bay has an efficiently designed living space and a plus of the beautiful and magnificent sunset of the Manila Bay. The beautiful resident is located along the historic Roxas Boulevard, a place not only known for its noble path but also for its beautifully-lined coconut trees and its mesmerizing sunset. The strategic location of the development is close to many cultural landmarks and the central district of Remedios and Binondo. The overall building design of the building with the principle of green architecture allows the units to have minimized heat. Not only that, there is a natural lighting and fresh air intake that makes the room more comfortable and gives the users a tranquilizing home experience.

Like any other development of Robinson's land, the Radiance Manila Bay is provided with different building amenities that enhances your living experience. Each of the residents is provided with four elevator, 3 of which are for passengers and the last one for service. There is a CCTV placed at strategic locations in the area to secure the whole building. An automatic smoke detector and a fire alarm with a sprinkler system are provided for all common areas in the building. There is also a fire exit with equipped. There are an underground cistern and an Elevated water tank available for the supply of water in the whole resident. An annunciator panel equipped with emergency speakers at all floors of the building. A Building Administration and Security Room, Central garbage area, Individual mail boxes, and also the Driver’s lounge and toilet is part of the many building features in the Radiance Manila Bay. A standby generator is also available in the joint areas and selected outlets in the residential units of the building.

The balcony doors and the windows are made with a Reflective glass that helps to reduce heat, therefore be expecting an elegant apartment on a hot day. The water closet uses a dual flush system and a low water consumption system for the toilet & bathroom. Sun shading devices like ledges are used to minimize direct heat in the apartment. The Radiance Manila Bay has proper building orientation, and there is a fresh air intake in the hallways to improve indoor air circulation. The windows in the hall are built to improve air flow and provide natural lighting to the resident. A Material Recovery facility is also available in the building to promote recycling and segregation.

The interior and exterior of the building were built with a Volatile Organic Compound (VOC). A resident is a place that allows you to retreat into a quiet splendor that complements your Urban lifestyle. The furnishings and features of the Radiance Manila Bay marry quality and practicality in living space that inspires and invigorates at every turn. There is an entrance door with a viewer in the building. The water and electric meter in the resident are provided per unit to make the billing and payment easier; the telephone lines are also provided per unit. A cable line TV is available in the living space of every unit, and there is ventilation in every kitchen and toilets. There is a window-type air conditioner opening provided with its outlets for all group except the G&H unit at Zone 1 and the D&E group at Zone 2 that is provided with a combo of split-type air conditioning for the living and dining room and a window-type air conditioning for the bedroom. There is a supply line for hot water in the kitchen and toilet. There is also a general space for washing and drying.

There are many amenities in the Radiance Manila Bay; they are scattered all around the resident. The indoor facilities at the north tower of the building include a Wi-Fi reading lounge provided for the students and the adults alike. A beautiful function room is also available to the resident for all sorts of gatherings. It can occupy some people and can be used for any occasions including, weddings and birthday parties. There is a kid's play area in the resident where your children can play with their age groups and socialize with each other. The 6th level of the north tower also has a fitness and wellness center where you can do all sorts of workout with a trained instructor that will make you more fit and healthier. A semi-open lounge is also part of the indoor amenities at the north tower of the Radiance Manila Bay.

The south tower of the Radiance Manila Bay also has its amenities, at the ground floor of the building there is a Wi-Fi Reading lounge, a function room, and a Kid's Play Area just like the ones in the North Tower. A game room and a Video room is available in the South Tower for both the adults and the children of the residents. At the sixth level, there are many relaxation amenities like the Massage room, Spa, and the Sauna to recharge and replenish your body after a long day of work or on the weekends.

There is the various outdoor amenity in the Radiance Manila Bay; they include different pools like the 50m lap pool, the kiddie pool, and the transition pool. There are also various lounges in the resident; they include the Outdoor Lounge, Arbour Lounge, the Lounge at the pool deck, and the sky bar located on the Roof deck of the building. A meditation Exercise garden, Sunset Grove and Pavilion, and an activity lawn and play area are also part of the outdoor amenity at the Radiance Manila Bay. The Flower Garden and the Garden Walk in the resident will undoubtedly make your day.

The inspiring Radiance Manila Bay located along the historic Roxas Boulevard is equipped with sophisticated brands, it Is also a place that promises to provide a genuine urban experience for its residents. Move in now and experience the beautiful resident that is designed with the dynamic lifestyle of your Urban family in mind.

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Radiance Manila Bay Robinsons Land For Sale Price List

Unit Name Project Name Developer Price (₱) Location
Radiance Manila Bay Robinsons Land 5,600,000 Pasay, Metro Manila
Radiance Manila Bay Robinsons Land 9,100,000 Pasay, Metro Manila
Radiance Manila Bay Robinsons Land 18,700,000 Pasay, Metro Manila