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          Shaw Boulevard , Mandaluyong , Metro Manila PH Zitan Greenfield Zitan Zitan Greenfield Zitan Mandaluyong

          If Singapore is called the “Lion City,” which city in Manila is referred to as the “Tiger City’’?  No doubt, it’s Mandaluyong City named 16 years ago with such tag by the Department of Trade and Industry and the Asian Institute of Management Policy Center. It is even considered as the 18th biggest metropolitan city in the world. This once quiet and sluggish town has been predicted to make it big. Look at it now  – a burgeoning city mushroomed with a number of business and commercial establishments plus two of the most popular malls in the country today. Residential areas like Wack Wack, Plainview Hills, Highway Hills and Addition Hills are what occupy most of this city’s landscape. Most of the land here is partially flat on the southwest portion but with gentle slopes in the rest of the city. 

          This city is situated at the center, among the other cities as Makati, Manila and Quezon City, thus, the term  “Golden Triangle.”  It overlaps in the metro’s major economic thoroughfare, EDSA. Mandaluyong has grown by leaps and bounds over the last decade. It is continues to be transformed into a key city for both business and residential. So, if you’re thinking of a place to settle down and make it your home, why not look for options in this city?  There are upcoming developments and the existing ones provide for wise, good choices.  What makes this city a great place to live in? 

          Here are the reasons why you would love to live and stay in Mandaluyong City: 


          Good Business Climate & Opportunities 

          Mandaluyong City is currently one of the most commercially developed cities in the metro, with a lot of business opportunities. If you’re an entrepreneur looking for a place to start or expand your business, then this city is a perfect place. 

          This city has its own major commercial segments in the city which include the following districts:  Shaw Boulevard, Boni Avenue, Kalentong, San Francisco, Libertad-Sierra Madre, portions of Martinez and Sgt. Bumatay going Barangka Drive and Pinatubo approaching EDSA. 

          The central commercial area - consists of banks, service companies, small and big offices and a host of other business establishments.  This portion is at the heart of the city – right on the EDSA, Shaw Boulevard and Pioneer areas.  This stretch is also very citizen-friendly having public transport routes and terminals on place to serving both its residents as well as those coming from other cities and towns. 


          Grand Shopping Adventures

          What makes EDSA standstill on a Friday-payday night? It’s the malls here in Mandaluyong City when they have  midnight sales simultaneously. The biggest mall in the country, SM Megamall stands here in this city, along with two other high-end malls – The Podium and  Shangrila Mall. They’re the shopping addicts’ paradise anytime of the day, anytime of the week. They’re also playing a big part in the growth of this city’s economy. Definitely, shopping for Filipinos is more than a chore, it’s an adventure in itself. If you want to immensely enjoy your shopping adventures, take a look at these malls – and certainly, you would want to live a stone’s throw away from them. Being in Mandaluyong City puts you to an advantage. 

          Aside from the two malls, there are still a number of choices for you. Other retail centers located in this city are the following: SM Light Mall, Forum Robinsons, Shaw Center Mall, The Marketplace Shopping Mall, EDSA Central Mall, St. Francis Square and the latest, the Greenfield District Pavilion. Now, who doesn’t want to go shopping here?  Indeed, there are  malls everywhere which means you can always go shopping in a heartbeat. Just make sure you have enough money to pay for all the items you’re picking up. Enjoy shopping to the hilt!

          Do you know that the shopping malls as SM Megamall and Shangri-La Plaza have a department store, a supermarket as well as flagship stores for some of the most popular global brands like Calvin Klein, Polo Ralph Lauren, Gucci, Burberry, Dolce and Gabbana and Hugo Boss – so you need not go out of the country for some of these high-end stuff because most of them are available in these premier malls.  What can you do aside from shopping? Well, the malls also feature activities like movie theaters, skating rinks, bowling centers, kiddie rides and other leisure activities.  These malls can be reached easily since they’re within the transport hubs, including train stations as well as business centers.  Another is the Forum Robinsons, which is a specialty mall inside Cybergate, a modern business and residential complex at the corner of EDSA and Pioneer Street in Mandaluyong. This shopping place focuses on the information technology product categories such as computers, cellphones, other mobile gadgets, digital cameras, audio/video and computer gaming equipment. Balancing this mix are a number of anchor stores, cinemas and numerous shopping, dining, amusement and service outlets. Nearby is the St. Francis Square Mall – one of the oldest and reliable shopping centers in the city. It is a low-rise building holding over 1,000 stalls and with a 3,000 capacity auditorium.  If these malls are not grand, what is? 


          Abounding Employment Options 

          If you’re a fresh college graduate or maybe a professional on the lookout for better career possibilities, look no further. Mandaluyong City is surrounded with a number of good companies to work for. Employability will never be a problem here. With companies as San Miguel Corporation, Banco de Oro, Jollibee, Asian Development Bank as well as pharmaceutical companies like UNILAB, Rite MED Philippines, Inc., Sannovex Pharmaceuticals and Pharma Dynamic, Inc. – you need not go far and go out of the city. Other companies that have their offices here are the following: Kettle Food Corporation, JG Summit Petrochemical Corporation, Unisafe Industrial Co., Inc. Cornersteel Systems Corporation and MGM Food and Commodities Corporation. 

          For the millennials, two of the most popular BPO companies are here: Convergys and Accenture. If you live quite far – a number of affordable condominiums for rent or lease are available. If you decide to stay here – new developments are being planned and launched soon for would-be residents.  What’s more?  There are several transportation hubs and terminals in most of the street corners in the area so commuting or traveling will not be a problem. Life’s conveniences? There are ample convenience stores, groceries, 24-hour shops, local restaurants and coffee shops where you can spend your free time away from work.  How accessible and convenient for the workers, ‘right? Interested? Perhaps, you may want to check out some of the job opportunities in this city – for sure you could pick one that  would be a good fit for you and your skiils.  If you want ease in traveling daily – better explore housing options within the vicinity, too. 


          Reputable Educational Institutions 

          Mandaluyong has a number of reputable educational institutions where parents can check out and enroll their children to ensure their bright future. Most of these schools belong to the top 100 colleges and universities of the country like Rizal Technological University, Don Bosco Technical College and Jose Rizal University.  Other popular schools are: Lourdes School of Mandaluyong, Good Shepherd Christian School, Angeli Dei School, Keys School Manila, San Felipe Neri Parochial School and St. Agustine International School. Other good schools in the nearby city of San Juan are: La Salle Greenhills and Immaculate Concepcion Academy.  Any of these schools would be a good choice that would make the parents feel at ease and proud knowing their children would be in good hands.  The good education will prepare today’s future leaders and game changers. 


          World-Class Golf Course 

          If you are in Metro Manila and want to play golf in a world-class golf course with country club resort facilities – then the Wack Wack Golf and Country Club in Mandaluyong is  in the top of the list. Just for your information – there are two 18-hole championship courses. Surrounding the cool place are the terrains with charming landscaped villas as well as lush gardens.  The East course is longer with larger trees. The West course is a bit shorter and narrower.  In fact, many international golf tournaments have been held right here.  Function rooms are also available with ample space for special events, parties and occasions. Parking spaces are big so there’s no concern on this. This place is an oasis of serenity and old charm  right in the middle of the city – just a short distance away from the Ortigas Center and Greenfield District. If you are a member – you will have a lot of privileges. Many successful local businessmen, expats and foreigners reside in this part of the city and being a few steps away from this golf course and country club is surely the best reason to live within the area. 


          Top Priority for Citizens’ Safety

          Safety and security for its citizens  are top priorities for any city, especially in Metro Manila. Mandaluyong City is no different. The Do you know that there are policemen who patrol the streets here in almost every district?  Traffic enforcers ensure that traffic is stress-free in this part of the metro. They see to it that traffic rules are followed. The local government also re-launched a program called “Riding in Tandem Performance” as it pursued the success of its 6-month pilot test program aimed to check and lessen crimes that involve motorcycle-riding men. One significant ordinance that was passed and implemented is the requirement for all business and commercial establishments to have CCTV cameras and monitoring systems in place in their specific areas. This will help in mitigating crimes, as the bad guys will surely have second thoughts of doing anything bad once they see the CCTVs around the premises.   This practice is indeed admirable and perhaps can be counted as a reason on why living in Madaluyong City  is a recommended option for those  in search of a new home to buy, rent or lease. 


          Home of premier hotels and accommodations

          Mandaluyong is one city not wanting in the best hotels and accommodations. Being at the center of the metro, many locals and foreign visitors take their pick on a hotel located in this city.  Some luxurious hotels you can find here  are the EDSA Shangri-La Manila and the Marco Polo Hotel Manila in Ortigas Center.  For other accommodations – you can also check The Legend Villas, Lancaster Hotel Manila, Richmonde Hotel Ortigas and BSA Twin Towers, also in Ortigas Center. Most of these hotels are highly rated for their location, facilities and service. Who wouldn’t want to stay in any of these hotels  - you are  definitely on the right place when you live here and you have guests coming from another country or perhaps, a province in our country. You can always recommend any of the hotels mentioned and for sure, your guests will love those places. They will be pleased with your recommendations. 


          The famous ‘Policarpio  Street’ is here 

          As early as mid-November every year, a certain street in this city becomes so popular – the whole area becomes a major tourist attraction during the holiday season.  This is the Policarpio Street where the quiet area becomes a huge Christmas Village. Houses along this street are bright and cheery with the most colorful , attractive and festive lights.   People from all walks of life, from the nearby and faraway districts and cities – they flock to see the attraction right here, even as early as mid-November. The crowds would really swell when the Christmas Day nears.  The most popular though are the “House of Light” that it became the icon of this street as well as the “House of Santa Claus” – the home with the largest Santa Claus collections in the whole of Metro Manila. Now, who doesn’t want to be near such a magical and wonderful place, especially at the time when everyone is out for a good time, especially with families? We all know how Christmas is being celebrated in our country – it’s not only a day or two but also perhaps, a whole month of celebrations and may even extend till January.  


          Greenfield District – the latest ‘in’ place to be 

          Greenfield District is Mandaluyong City’s latest gem – right in the  heart of the city. What would you feel is you’re in a booming city but not surrounded by tall buildings. You are right in smack of lush greeneries, parks and gardens. Pretty cool, isn’t it?  This district is a remarkable mix of residential towers, offices and shopping establishments as well as a number of good restaurants and bars. But the ambiance is refreshing, open and with a lot of spaces that you would feel there’s more freedom.  The vibe here is just awesome – cool, relaxed and no stress. Weekend market is the best with a lot of gourmet meals, fresh fruits, books, magazines, clothes, arts and crafts to check out. Some of the stalls have toys, collection items and hobby shop things. The place is surrounded with relaxing music as you go stall hopping. This place is just enough for you to go from one stall to the next without sweating it out. The stores and stalls are all nicely laid-out. Of course, there are a number of spots Instagram-worthy spots here for the millennials. Sometimes, they also come-up with specific themes for the weekend like Jazz Nights or Kaleidoscope Fest. Every weekend is a different vibe altogether. 

          For the corporate young professionals who would want to unwind after office hours or maybe groups of friends and families who just want to bond and enjoy each other’s company – this place is one great option.  A dining strip with a combination of both old and new food fare offerings is called “The Hub.”  During weekends, you can go and enjoy and participate in the fun events and activities at their Open Park. This great, awesome place is truly a breather from all the stress and congestion that you always feel as you hustle day in and out in the city jungle. Check this place out and see for yourself. 


          Historical Tourist Spots 

          For some piece of history – this city has a few tourist spots like the Don Bosco  Technical College which used to be the San Carlos Seminary. This compound was the headquarters of the Japanese during World War II.  Another one is the memorial monument called “Dambana ng mga Alaala”  -  this was put up as some place to remember the people who pushed freedom during the Revolutionary Period at one point in our Philippine history. Last but not the least is the San Felipe Neri Parish, the oldest Catholic Church in Mandaluyong City where origin dates back to the Spanish era. 

          Indeed, this is  a city of opportunities and growth. It has happened and continues to be so. It’s no surprising to know that Mandaluyong City appeals to almost anyone from the young professionals, budding entrepreneurs and young families who want to lead very good lives, close to almost what they need and want. More so that there are also other places for dining, shopping, relaxation and recreation – you deserve to have a great weekend after the usual 5-day work week. If you’re on the look out for a place to reside within  the city, PH Realty can assist you anytime. Whether you want a house and lot, a condominium or a townhouse or maybe an apartment or building where you can also do some of your activities career-wise or business-wise -  let this group handle the job for you. After all, this group has so much experience and expertise that you can always depend on. They’ve been doing this for so many years now.  Just provide them all the wish lists and requirements that you need – PH REALTY will look the best option for you. Now, you would not just imagine being at home in the “Tiger City” --- it can be realized in no time, just wait and see.

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