Six Senses Resort - Preselling Condominium

Premium project of Federal Land in Macapagal Boulevard Pasay Metro Manila

Six Senses Resort

Project Type : Condominium
Listing Type : Preselling
Developer Name : Federal Land
Units : 2 BR, 3 BR
Price: 18,200,000 & Up
Address : Metropolitan Park, Bay Area CBD,
Location : Pasay , Metro Manila PH Six Senses Resort Federal Land Six Senses Resort Six Senses Resort Federal Land Six Senses Resort Pasay

Federal Land Six Senses Resort Six Senses Resort Federal Land Six Senses Resort Pasay

Hot   2   54 sqm   yes
Metropolitan Park, Bay Area CBD, , Macapagal Boulevard in Pasay , Metro Manila PH 2 Bedroom Federal Land 2 Bedroom 2 Bedroom Federal Land Macapagal Boulevard in Pasay

Six scenes residences is a spa and hotel management company that consists of 28 spa and nine different resorts all under the brand name of Six Senses, evasion, and six senses spa. The six senses residence is located in a far natural area that is set to multiply in its size by the next three years. The Six Senses is always known for its diverse design and unique design personality that tends to make everywhere else look bad. Each of this property is supported a leadership that’s wellness and sustainability of all the community.

The six senses are set in the Bay area of Pasay City. The six senses residences are one of the few places that serve as a gateway to the entertainment capital of the city. The towers are housing an exquisite condo that is shaped into the lucky number eight. There are many available units with a lot of spacious corners that are big enough to immerse your home in infinite wonders that lay just below the horizons of the Manila Bay. All of its surroundings inspire the six senses residences as implied by the name. It is built with such refined curves and elegant edges of interiors that are the reminiscence of the beautiful and classical sculptures that makes the condo as luxurious as they get. The luxurious amenities are just the start of the priceless moments you'll have with your family; it is accompanied by an ensemble of laughter of your children, the harmonious hymn of smiles and the tuneful melodies of the meditation pool.

There is a lot of unit features to get you sizzled in the six senses residence starting with the kitchen system with a lot of amenities that will make even the laziest housewife want to cook. An under and overhead counter cabinet are both provided in the spacious kitchen of the six senses. The amenities also include a sink, a range hood, and a granite counterpart. All these amenities are more than enough to convince your wife or girlfriend that the Six Senses is the best place for your family. All the bedrooms are also available with closet space for easy organization of your room. Telephone lines and a CATV system is provided for easy telecommunication between residents of the building. There is also a state of the art audio-video system available for the inhabitants of the buildings. A multi-point water system is also provided for all the units in the area. Instead, the utility area is provided with a washer or a spin dryer drainage stub-outs coupled with utility Toilet & Bath for selected units in the building.

The building features of the Six Senses residence are amazing and top of the notch starting with the Automatic Fire Suppression System (AFSS) that is not available in most residential condos. It is coupled with a Fire Detector Alarm System (FDAS). All these features show how important the safety of the residents is to the Federal land. A standby generator is readily available in case there is a power outage in the residential condo. A sewage treatment plant is also available to take care of the litters of the area and make it as clean as possible. That is not all, the amenities at the Six Senses are to die for with their outdoor party area where you can have all sorts of indoor get-togethers and occasion either large or small gathering depending on the settings of the room. If the indoor party is is not enough for you there is no need to panic because there is an outdoor party area ready for you and your friends to be able to take the fun outside. The Six Senses resident is not all about fun; there is something for the Nerds in your family with the reading room available for you with a serene and quiet environment to give you the fastest rate of assimilation. A stage and a function room are provided for all sorts of services and fun activity. If you like a good sport, then no place is better for you than the Six senses because of its different courts. There are many courts available, and they include the Beach Volleyball Court, Basketball Court, Squash Court, Tennis Court, and the Badminton Court. 

The six towers of the six residences cover a vast area of 16,554 square is one of the new residential condos from federal land Inc., it offers a 40-hectare enclave that is very close to the Manila Bay in Pasay City. The Six Senses residence offers special and extraordinary two bedrooms and three bedroom unit. The units are very spacious and thoughtfully designed to meet all the different demands of each resident. Your home in Six senses resident is sure to feature clean curve interiors and elegant edges. The six senses resident was available since 2016 and now has a lot of privileged residents and you can be one of them with just P 15,000.

Federal land went outside their comfort zone by their mission to create a dynamic community that will be enjoyed by generations to come, and they are guided by their mission to become the dominant and best real estate developer in the world. They have been admired by their world class landmark projects, top notch services, and most importantly the high regards given to them by their partners and peers. The Federal land is an employee of choice that is known for their outstanding innovations and their highly capable team ready to provide the most creative and innovative service to their clients. The federal land also practices corporate social responsibility and good governance.

The Six Senses Spa is unlike any other; it offers the best of beauty treatments, holistic wellness and rejuvenation that is guided by the guidance of the best expert therapist there could ever be in the area. The Spa is hosted in three continents in different prestigious locations around the world in various exotic island locations. The Six Senses Spa also offers an incorporate local healing tradition coupled up with a menu of signature therapists and specialists in every area. As a resident of the six senses residences, you are viable to all these treats. You will also become an automatic member of the city’s most exclusive club, the Club Le Pav.

There are so many reasons why the Six Senses are the best for you and your family starting with the different unit features and amenities to the Club de Pav offers. With Six senses, all the work you have been doing trying to find perfect harmony is over.


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Six Senses Resort Federal Land For Sale Price List

Unit Name Project Name Developer Price (₱) Location
Six Senses Resort Federal Land 18,200,000 Macapagal Boulevard in Pasay, Metro Manila