The Venice Luxury Residences - Ready For Occupancy Condominium

Premium project of Megaworld in Mckinley Hill Taguig Metro Manila

The Venice Luxury Residences

Project Type : Condominium
Listing Type : Ready For Occupancy
Developer Name : Megaworld
Units : Studio, 1 BR, 2 BR
Price: 9,588,000 & Up
Address : Genoa St. and Maples drive, McKinley Hill Fort Bonifacio
Location : Taguig , Metro Manila PH The Venice Luxury Residences Megaworld The Venice Luxury Residences The Venice Luxury Residences Megaworld The Venice Luxury Residences Taguig

Megaworld The Venice Luxury Residences The Venice Luxury Residences Megaworld The Venice Luxury Residences Taguig

Hot   1   40.20 sqm   yes
McKinley Hill Fort Bonifacio , Taguig , Metro Manila PH 1 BR Condo Megaworld 1 BR Condo 1 BR Condo Megaworld Taguig
Hot   2   102 sqm   yes
Genoa St & Maples Drive , Taguig , Metro Manila PH 2 BR Megaworld 2 BR 2 BR Megaworld Taguig
Hot   Studio   41 sqm   yes
McKinley Hill Fort Bonifacio , Taguig , Metro Manila PH 41 SQM Studio Megaworld 41 SQM Studio 41 SQM Studio Megaworld Taguig
Hot   1   66.40 sqm   yes
Genoa St. and Maples drive, McKinley Hill Fort Bonifacio , Taguig , Metro Manila PH 1 Bedroom + Balcony Megaworld 1 Bedroom + Balcony 1 Bedroom + Balcony Megaworld Taguig
Hot   Studio   40.10 sqm   yes
Genoa St. and Maples drive, McKinley Hill Fort Bonifacio , Taguig , Metro Manila PH Studio + Balcony Megaworld Studio + Balcony Studio + Balcony Megaworld Taguig
Hot   2   102.6 sqm   yes
Genoa St. and Maples drive, McKinley Hill Fort Bonifacio , Taguig , Metro Manila PH 2 Bedroom + Balcony Megaworld 2 Bedroom + Balcony 2 Bedroom + Balcony Megaworld Taguig


Venice Luxury Residences located in McKinley Hill is one of the most beautiful apartments in the Manila. It is just a piece of the prestigious Italian architecture. Venice in whole is a very magical city, and the luxury residence is the charm of it. Tourists get an unforgettable experience after seeing the beauty of the town and its luxury buildings. The buildings are comfortable and welcoming.  The apartments are so nice that the residents don't want to leave and the tourist wants to stay there forever. It is only in Venice that you'll find extravagant beauties like marble capitals, beams and the Venetian terraces which give you an unforgettable experience of the city.

These buildings became popular recently and became an elegant and remarkable community. The beauty of these residents is that they capture the magnificence of Venice with seven towers that are per succinctly with the McKinley town center's mall which is an excellent means of fun for all residents and tourists. They are very popular in the city, and they also offer an excellent service to customers. The gift of harmony is to all residents. Residents can also do fun stuff like climbing the St. Mark’s tower, checking the beautiful scenery of the Venetian icon and taking a gondola ride along the Grand Canal.

There are over 20 amenities provided to the citizen just for their comfort. Both old and young enjoy the beautiful swimming pool surrounded by beautiful sculptures. The residents with love for nature won’t get enough of the place with features like the meditation garden, rock garden, palm court and the garden court. They have the most beautiful fountains that provide free potable water which during the night changes into different colors and produces a mesmerizing view for the residents of the area. The water is so fresh and delicious. Although the water is provided to the public, there is sanitation. Therefore there is no need for fear of the water getting contacted by impurities. They may not have large ornamental fountains like the trevi fountain, but the fountains are designed to distribute water in the most practical way. The material (cast iron) and the cylindrical form makes the Venetian mountain to look supernatural with the surroundings of the island.

They also have current fitness stations for current residents to stay fit and active. After an excellent warm up session with state of the art equipment, they can take it to court by using their slots on the court by playing either badminton or tennis. Both of the courts are readily available for the resident of the luxurious apartments. After the rigorous exercise and sport, both a spa and sauna are provided to them for them to chill and relax their muscles.

They also have a fully equipped kitchen with all the local and foreign recipes, also with some staffs ready to answer to all your needs and a free recipe to make some fun cuisines. In short, the Kitchen in the Venice luxury residence is something you should want to see.

Other features to be expecting in a Venice apartment is a fire sprinkler system that automatically detect heat or smoke for all unit, an underground cistern and a overhead tank that gives an uninterrupted and unlimited water supply for the residents, a power generator that is on standby for only selected floors in case of power outage, a mailroom for general purpose, housekeeping and maintenance service, a building administrator and a security office.

As the name suggests, the Venice Luxury Residences is the perfect address where luxury meets comfort with convenience and grandeur. The gorgeous residential condominium is developed by Megaworld and inspired by style and aura of Venice. With the reflection of Venice in the architecture, it has 7 towers with 22 or 23 numbers of floors accompanied by a number of modern amenities. The picturesque residential complex is located along Genoa Street and Maples Drive along McKinley Hill Fort in the heart of Taguig City. The architecture is designed by Rome based designer Paolo Marconi Architeto that gives exquisite Italian inspired glimpses. The premise has a shopping center and completes the Venice feel with man-made lagoon called Grand Canal that replicates the look of Venice. The studio units measure 39.4 sqm, 1 BR unit measures 65.4 sqm, 2 BR units measures 102.6 sqm and 3 BR units measures 119.5 sqm. The replica of the Rialto Bridge is absolutely gorgeous and makes the residence a romantic address. The units are equipped with amenities like individual electric and water meter, mailboxes, provision for telephone and CATV lines, water heater, supply lines for water etc. All the buildings are surrounded by lush green environment. The modern amenities are rejuvenating with a meditation garden, palm courts, swimming pool, and playground for children, fitness area, tennis & badminton court, spa, sauna etc. Each of the units is spacious and furnished with essential amenities. The building features like water sprinkler system, housekeeping, centralized mail room, standby power generator, water supply etc. add a lot of convenience. It is close to a number of commercial establishments, schools, hospitals, markets etc. and the premise is well guarded with 24 x 7 security system.


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