Amisa Private Residences - Ready For Occupancy Condominium

Premium project of Robinsons Land in Mactan Lapu Lapu Cebu

Amisa Private Residences

Project Type : Condominium
Listing Type : Ready For Occupancy
Developer Name : Robinsons Land
Units : Studio,1 BR, 2 BR
Price: 8,800,000 & Up
Address : Mactan,Cebu City
Location : Lapu Lapu , Cebu PH Amisa Private Residences Robinsons Land Amisa Private Residences Amisa Private Residences Robinsons Land Amisa Private Residences Lapu Lapu

Robinsons Land Amisa Private Residences Amisa Private Residences Robinsons Land Amisa Private Residences Lapu Lapu

Hot   2   75.50 sqm   yes
Mactan,Cebu City , Mactan in Lapu Lapu , Cebu PH 2 Bedroom (Tower D) Robinsons Land 2 Bedroom (Tower D) 2 Bedroom (Tower D) Robinsons Land Mactan in Lapu Lapu
Hot   1   41.50 sqm   yes
Mactan,Cebu City , Mactan in Lapu Lapu , Cebu PH 1 Bedroom (Tower D) Robinsons Land 1 Bedroom (Tower D) 1 Bedroom (Tower D) Robinsons Land Mactan in Lapu Lapu
Hot   Studio   41.50 sqm   yes
Mactan,Cebu City , Mactan in Lapu Lapu , Cebu PH Studio Unit (Tower D) Robinsons Land Studio Unit (Tower D) Studio Unit (Tower D) Robinsons Land Mactan in Lapu Lapu

Amisa Private Residences are one of a kind leisure home in the middle of Amisa in Mactan, Cebu. The apartments are located in the midst of a seascape that provides a vacation lifestyle a holiday ambiance to all its units owners. The beautiful resident is perfect for different kinds of people local and foreign retirees as well as successful Cebuanos that wants to reward themselves with a beautiful home where everywhere feels like a vacation. The mesmerizing location was inspired by the Australia's Gold Coast and packed with excellent amenities that is perfect for a weekend home. The AmiSa Private Residences feature a residential condo with six towers and an extensive beach front with a space of 209 meters. They also have a personalized building management service and social amenities ready to serve you and brighten your living experience. The beautiful resident is life in paradise with all the convenience of living in the metro. AmiSa Private Residences are just 15 minutes away from the Mactan airport and also just a 30 minutes drive to the Cebu City. The entire property will have a space of 6 hectares and a unique area for future developments. The residential condo will be just a few walks away from the pristine and spectacular beachfront. Robinson Land have redefined leisure living with the AmiSa in Mactan, Cebu.

The Amisa strongest suit is its Gold Coast inspired architecture that is swathed in white hues and cool blue. The resident is beautiful and breathtaking from all angle. It has a 209-meter wide beach front that gives you enough space to gaze upon the magnificent view of the picturesque northern towns of Cebu or the beautiful Magellan Bay. The resident is uniquely designed for the enjoyment of your whole family with its luxurious amenities that promise and guarantees a relaxing, fun and friendly stay. There are different gaming centers, varieties of relaxing resort facilities, and most importantly a standard luxurious amenities. The mentioned advantages are just a part of the endless services and activities to be enjoyed in at AmiSa private residences. The residents also include a lot of natural beauties like the gardens and pristine beaches coupled up with a beautiful architecture that will make your day all year long. Have a taste in the most treasured possession for all with the breathtaking AmiSa residence that provides luxury both inside and outside of the residents.

They have both general and extraordinary business facility that will make your home a vacation. There is an entrance lobby in the building with a security counter and a CCTV system that is located in selected common area to have a strategic view of the resident to protect all the inhabitants of the building. A fire alarm system and a smoke detector coupled up with a sprinkler system are located in all common area of the building to prevent any fire hazard or incident. There is an annunciator panel with an emergency speaker provided on all floors of the building. Robinson's land has stopped any trouble with water or electricity in the resident by providing a water reservoir in the building. A standby power generator is also available in common areas of the resident and selected outlets in case there is a power outage in the building. Individual mailboxes are provided for all residential units in the construction for the purpose of privacy. There is also a centralized garbage area around the building. Therefore, you can expect a clean, green and disease free environment in the AmiSa private residence. A building administrator office is also available to the building and a fire exit provided in case of any fire incident. 

The magnificent building is not lacking when it comes to condo unit features. The building has an entrance door with a viewer and a cable line TV to provide you with continuous entertainment. There is an intercom provided for all the units of the building connected to the security and the reception counter to provide you with all the services you require regarding the condominium. Individual water and electric meter are provided for every unit of the building for easy billing and payment. A telephone line is also provided for all the units with a fire alarm and a smoke detector coupled with a sprinkler system to prevent any fire incident. An opening is available in each unit for a window-type air conditioner as long as it is supplied by the owner. The kitchen & and toilet of every apartment is also ventilated to allow fresh air inside the units. The resort itself is a five-star facility that is enclosed in a magnificent landscape and a pristine beachfront. The design of the landscape area of the building highlights a ramped sand with access to the beach below and also an infinity freshwater pool that seems to have merged with the beautiful sea beyond. The place also has a unique function area designed and canopied with beautiful tropical palms. The service area of the AmiSa Private residence is fantastic and one of a kind in the area. It is fitted for different kinds of occasions that include weddings and parties with a promise to amuse the visitors and residents of the party alike. The southern end of the resident leads to a treat of a grand coral-stone concrete staircase that leads to the massage Cove and the beach. Another excellent feature of the AmiSa private residence is the dining destinations that spread around the whole resort and promises to have a collection of the best cuisines in all of Cebu.

The leisure amenities in Amisa Private Residences are not just attractive to the eye; they are also pleasing to the body. They have a garden landscape that sizzles the mind and body when viewed from the garden pathway that is below or directly from the condo. The enormous space has direct access to the beachfront through a private walkway that leads to the resort hotel and when moving further also leads to a private boardwalk over a jetty. The pathway ends in a sea pavilion that has a 270-degree para noma view of the water. Every day is truly a holiday in AmiSa private residences.

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Amisa Private Residences Robinsons Land For Sale Price List

Unit Name Project Name Developer Price (₱) Location
Amisa Private Residences Robinsons Land 8,700,000 Mactan in Lapu Lapu, Cebu
Amisa Private Residences Robinsons Land 8,800,000 Mactan in Lapu Lapu, Cebu
Amisa Private Residences Robinsons Land 15,900,000 Mactan in Lapu Lapu, Cebu