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        Santa Rosa

        Santa Rosa is a city in the province of Laguna, Philippines. The city, predominantly a suburban residential community of Metro Manila, lies 38 kilometres (24 mi) south of Manila via the South Luzon Expressway. Santa Rosa is also the exit point along the expressway to go to Tagaytay.

        Santa Rosa is the premier city and hub of South Luzon. It is the Makati of the South in terms of economic activity. Major commercial banks in the Philippines operate in the city. At this time, there are 68 banking institutions that offers banking services to businesses and residents. Most of these are concentrated in Barangay Balibago, Don Jose, Macabling, Pulong Santa Cruz, and Tagapo. 

        Dubbed as the "Motor City of the Philippines" or "Detroit City of the Philippines", Santa Rosa is host to multinational automotive giants Nissan Motors Co., Ltd., Toyota Motor Corporation, Honda Motor Co., Ltd., and Mitsubishi – all contributing 95 percent of the country’s automotive production.

        Santa Rosa is also looking to be the next hub for the BPO industry. It is currently ranked 82nd in the world for its competitiveness in the Information Technology and Business Process Outsourcing services (IT-BPO) by the leading strategic advisory firm, THOLONS. BPO companies present in Santa Rosa are Convergys, KGB, Teletech, IBM and Concentrix.

        Santa Rosa Laguna Condo and House & Lot Price List

        Property Name Price (₱) Location
        Santarosa Estates 11,000,000 Santa Rosa, Laguna
        Avida Parkway Settings Nuvali 2,400,000 Santa Rosa, Laguna
        Metrogate Santa Rosa 890,000 Santa Rosa, Laguna
        Villa Caceres 2,257,920 Santa Rosa, Laguna
        Metrogate Primavera 1,296,000 Santa Rosa, Laguna
        South Hampton 3,100,000 Santa Rosa, Laguna
        Ciudad de San Jose 4,300,000 Santa Rosa, Laguna
        San Jose Residencias 1,200,000 Santa Rosa, Laguna
        Laguna Bel Air 1,500,000 Santa Rosa, Laguna
        The Sonama 3,900,000 Santa Rosa, Laguna
        Mediterranean Villas 3,037,500 Santa Rosa, Laguna
        Tokyo Mansions 6,525,000 Santa Rosa, Laguna
        Chateaux de Paris 2,962,500 Santa Rosa, Laguna
        Bali Mansions 4,893,750 Santa Rosa, Laguna
        Phuket Mansions 7,157,500 Santa Rosa, Laguna
        Nirwana Bali 2,213,750 Santa Rosa, Laguna
        Scandia Suites 1,541,210 Santa Rosa, Laguna
        Montecito 24,000,000 Santa Rosa, Laguna
        Santierra 9,270,000 Santa Rosa, Laguna
        Golf View Terraces 9,506,473 Santa Rosa, Laguna

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